CleanHeights is a Singapore based robotics company. Our team came together during an Industry 4.0 event that was hosted by the Singapore Government. During our discussions, we recognized the vast potential of automation and robotics applications in the future.

After performing a market assessment in several industries, we found that facility management services segment is lagging other industries  in respect of automation and therefore offers huge opportunities for robotics and automation. When we further analysed the services provided by the facility management companies, we concluded that cleaning sector is an obvious target for automation. Today, cleaning of commercial and industrial buildings requires a lot of cleaners and it is generally unwanted job. It comes with no surprise, that the younger generation has been shunning these jobs over the years. 

The direction of the Singapore government to reduce the dependence on foreign workers in lower skilled job segment, will aggravate the situation and we envisaged that cleaning companies are going to face huge shortage of manpower in the not-too-distant future. The implications of Covid have further accelerator this trend. Hence, we founded a robotics company that is developing a platform to create various products for cleaning industry. CleanHeights is striving to be the pioneer in providing the high quality cleaning robots in Singapore and its neighbouring countries.


 To be a leading autonomous cleaning robot supplier 

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